Insurance Claims After A Storm

Aug 3, 2018

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck a devastating blow to residents in Conroe, Montgomery County and many of the surrounding Houston communities. Now that people and local businesses are getting back on their feet, there may be a lot of questions about filing insurance claims. Whether you’re a homeowner who has suffered from roof or wind damage or a local businessperson who has had to deal with business interruption due to flooding, power outages and other challenges that Hurricane Harvey brought, a lawyer can be a great asset during this time.

Homeowners and business owners alike are facing storm-related expenses, losses and damages in Conroe and in the neighboring Montgomery County communities. If you’re overwhelmed or confused with the sheer volume of paperwork and phone calls associated with filing an insurance claim after the storm, you’re not alone. A lawyer with proven insurance claim experience can help to determine what coverage you’re entitled to after a storm like Hurricane Harvey.

Business Interruption and Business Loss

If you own or run a small business in or around Conroe, you may have faced business loss and business interruption due to the storm. If property damage and power outages from Hurricane Harvey had your income-earning business shut down for days, weeks or longer, you are likely facing significant losses due to the interruption.

Under your business insurance policy, you may be entitled to compensation for damages associated with property damage and business loss and interruption. If you need guidance or assistance in handling your business loss or business interruption claim in Conroe, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve under your business insurance policy.

How to Submit a Business Loss Claim

  1. Contact your insurer.
  2. Know your business insurance policy.
  3. Document everything.
  4. Look for additional coverage in your policy.
  5. Get help from a trained professional.

Submitting a business loss claim can be a complicated and lengthy process. How well do you know your insurance policy? It can be difficult for people who don’t deal with insurance companies and claims on a daily basis to know if they’re fully exhausting their coverage. If you’ve been a faithful policyholder, you need to get the full coverage you’re entitled to. That’s where a lawyer can help.

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?


Whether you have flood insurance or not, it’s important to know what your homeowner’s insurance does and doesn’t cover. Every policy is different, but generally speaking, homeowner’s insurance will typically cover property damage associated with wind. Many homeowners in Conroe and in Montgomery County had roof damage from flying debris and strong winds. If hurricane winds damaged your roof, siding, windows or doors, you may be covered for that under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Make sure you document all the property damage associated with the strong storm winds. Take pictures and videos, and keep a claim journal to write everything down in. Keep all of your important numbers and contacts in your journal. Make a note of conversations you have with your insurance company and date every entry. If you’re spending money to make repairs, keep all of the receipts and log the work into your claim journal too.

Before You Take a Quick Settlement

We are in the middle of another hurricane season and if you’re still dealing with property damage to your home and vehicles from the strong winds of Hurricane Harvey or you’re trying to keep your business afloat after loss and interruption due to power outages and other storm-related problems, an attorney can help to ensure you get all of the coverage you’re entitled to under your policy.

Taking the first offer of a settlement on your claim can be a mistake. Don’t shortchange yourself in the interest of time. You deserve all of the coverage you’ve paid for in your policy. Insurance adjusters know that desperate policyholders will often settle for less than they deserve when they’re struggling to make ends meet after a catastrophic event. Let a proven attorney who has experience dealing with insurance companies be your advocate and make sure you get the coverage you deserve for your claim.

Help With Your Business Interruption Claim in Conroe

Ultimately, you deserve to have complete coverage for your claim. Having an attorney’s assistance in evaluating your policy for potential coverage can mean the difference between being able to put your business back together and a total loss of your life’s work. Before you take a settlement in the interest of quickly getting cash in hand, have an attorney take a look at your policy to see if you’re entitled to more coverage than think.

If you have questions about filing a business loss claim due to floods, power being out and other interruptions created in Conroe or Montgomery County, contact the Scott Law Firm at (936) 270-8100 for a free case consultation today.