Fire Damage Attorney

Fire Damage Attorney

If your property has been damaged due to fire, you need a fire damage attorney. For most families in Conroe and around Texas, real estate is often their most valuable asset. In addition to being where the heart is, the home is where most of our wealth resides. Even with insurance, it can be difficult to recover the compensation you deserve after damage to your home or land. Whether there was a natural disaster or an incident involving a negligent neighbor, company or worker, real property damage can devastate families, leaving them not just homeless, but also feeling like they’re out of options.

If you’re recovering from the aftermath of property damage to your home, land, ranch, farm or other real property, you don’t have to go through it alone. Since cases involving property damage to your home, land or personal belongings are time sensitive, the sooner you speak with an experienced lawyer, the better chance you have at a favorable outcome for your case.

Abandoned house fully engulfed in flames

Property Damage Due to Negligence

While there’s only so much we can do to prepare for natural disasters, property damage due to negligence is totally and completely preventable. If the negligent acts of another person caused damage to your real property, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Careless neighbors who burn irresponsibly and indiscriminately can put homes and property nearby in great danger of fire damage or even complete loss.

We also expect local businesses, workers and utility companies to work around electrical wires and other potentially dangerous situations with a reasonable duty of care. If a utility company fails to maintain a power pole and arcing power lines cause a fire on your property, they need to be held accountable for their negligence. Listed below are a few examples of the types of negligence that can cause property damage on your real property.

Examples of Property Damage Due to Negligence

  • Work in the garden. Farmer raking burning dried branches. Spring timeA neighbor negligently burns trash, and the fire spreads to your property.
  • The utility company fails to maintain a utility pole, and it falls and catches fire on your property.
  • Your apartment complex or landlord fails to maintain electrical wiring resulting in a fire.
  • An oil and gas company negligently works in an area and starts fire on nearby property.
  • A contractor performs negligent construction or repair work on your home, and it results in damage to the structure.

Fire Damage to Real Property

After a fire in the home, families are left temporarily homeless, and they’ve potentially lost all possessions, including family pictures, irreplaceable keepsakes and valuable documents. To top it off, partial or complete fire damage to a home can be a catastrophic financial event for a family. For most of us, a home is our greatest investment and our largest financial asset.

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Contents of Your Home

When it comes to fires caused by the negligence of others, you’re entitled to be put back in the position you were in before the at-fault person caused the loss. After fire damage or any kind of loss to your home due to someone else’s negligence, you should diligently make a list of all items that you lost. If the fire impacted your entire home, then go room by room and write down all of the items you remember being in each particular room. This will help the fire damage attorney.

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Make a list of each item lost in the home

Thorough Investigation and Evaluation

Property damage cases involving damage to your home, land, or personal belongings are time sensitive. If your home was damaged in a fire due to the negligence of another person or company, you need to speak with a lawyer immediately. The longer you wait, the more time there is for evidence to degrade or get destroyed. Whether you’re in the hospital recovering from burn injuries or staying with friends until you have a more permanent living situation, the sooner you speak with a lawyer about your case, the better.

Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Even with a homeowners policy or a farm and ranch policy, the insurance claims process can feel like a nightmare. Even faithful, longtime policy holders can find out the hard way that their insurance companies are more interested in low-balling and getting out cheaply than actually compensating for the full amount of covered losses. Insurance companies can take advantage of the fact that families in temporary living situations are more likely to accept a low-ball offer just to get on with their lives, so you need a good lawyer on your side who can ensure you get the compensation and coverage you deserve and have paid for.

After a devastating loss such as one due to a fire, your homeowner’s policy often will not fully compensate you.  For instance, in many cases, there is a certain limitation on the coverage to your personal belongings.  Insurance policies refer to this as “contents coverage” and it is often a percentage of your structure coverage.  There also may be limited or no coverage for the buildings outside of your main home such as a barn, detached storage unit or garage apartment.  If you have not been fully compensated from your insurance company for a loss negligently caused by someone else, then you need to determine whether it is possible to make a claim against the at fault party.  Your insurance company may need to be paid back depending on the type of damage they paid for and the circumstances of your claim against the negligent person or company.  This is a process called “subrogation.”

Fire Damage Attorney

Fire damage and other types of damage to your home, land, or personal belongings can be life changing for families in Texas and across the nation. Losing one’s home is like losing a part of one’s self. Trying to carry on with work, school and life after property damage or loss can be a hardship for families. You don’t have to go through it alone. If you have suffered from property damage to your home, land, farm or other type of real property in or around Montgomery County, contact Scott Law Firm at 936-270-8100 for a free consultation.