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broken steps in building

Broken poorly maintained steps creating hazardous condition in building

Slip and fall cases, sometimes also referred to as slip, trip and fall cases, deal mainly with premises liability law. If you slipped and fell on a property where the owner or manager was negligent in maintenance, repair or upkeep of the property, you need to speak with a personal injury attorney about your options as soon as possible. Business owners, commercial establishments and even local residents have an obligation to properly maintain their properties for the safety of the general public. Slip and fall cases frequently involve unsafe property conditions, that had they been properly maintained and safe, the injuries would not have occurred. There are four basic elements to any slip, trip and fall case.

The Elements of a Slip and Fall Case

1. Did the property owner owe the victim a reasonable duty of care?
2. Did the property owner breach his or her duty of care?
3. Did the breach of the duty of care result in an injury?
4. Did the incident cause physical injury to the victim?

Holding Property Owners Accountable when the Injury could have been Prevented

Slip and fall cases are all about holding negligent property owners accountable. Property owners have a duty to warn the general public about known hazards. This is why we frequently see yellow signs near puddles in grocery stores or warnings around dangerous construction sites. Property owners have a duty to keep public areas safe and warn the public about known hazards. Listed below are some common causes for slip and fall accidents.

Common Causes for Slip and Fall Accidents

• Slippery floors
• Dangerous steps and stairs
• Falling ceilings
• Poor lighting
• Precariously placed merchandise
• Trip hazards
• Cracked sidewalks
• Poorly placed floor mat or door mat
• Icy and slick sidewalks
• Missing or poorly maintained handrails
• Puddles in grocery stores

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation

Depending upon the severity of your slip and fall accident, you could be in the hospital and out of work for an extended period of time. Whether you’re recovering from a broken arm or a neck injury due to a negligent property owner, your lawyer can be your advocate during this difficult time. If you or somebody you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact the Scott Law Firm at (936) 270-8100 for a free case consultation today.